Pterosaur announces Airdrop to active users of friendly Defi protocols

We plan to distribute 1% of all PTER as an airdrop.

The main goal of Pterosaur is to combine the power of liquidity providers and PTER token holders, supercharging each other and accelerating long-term Pterosaur growth.

To kickstart this process and invite more members to participate in the project, we decided to make an airdrop for active members of friendly Defi communities. These projects are cool, innovative-driven, and full of real OGs.

We will distribute a total of 10 airdrops, each of which will select active users from Telegram, Discord and Twitter to distribute. Users randomly receive 1000–1000000 PTER tokens as rewards.

Every time the airdrop is completed, it will be announced in the community.

Pterosaur socials:

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Pterosaur Finance

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